One thing’s for sure. . . insurance companies have lawyers, and you may need one as well.

Greg Racca earned his undergraduate degree from the University of New Mexico. He graduated from Gonzaga Law School in 1995. . . before the basketball team had ever won an NCAA game. During law school, he worked as a legal intern with the Spokane Public Defender’s office, where he represented people charged with misdemeanor offenses. He actually had his first jury trial in law school.

After passing the New Mexico bar - yes, the first time he took it - he practiced for a small personal injury law firm. For the most part, he represented people who had been injured through the negligence of someone else. He handled premise liability claims, auto collisions, and the occasional insurance coverage issue. He won a verdict in a dog bite case. He represented a client in a property damage claim. The client had actually named the car and was very upset when someone ran into it. In short, he was learning the system and learning how to handle insurance companies and their very experienced and very rich legal teams.

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